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3D CAD gib design
3D CAD gib model
including fittings
Carbon manipulation gib
before installation of fittings
Detailed view of fittings
on finished gibu
Composite gib - Real Improvement
Case Study
  • Problem specification
    the reduction of the inertial mass of industrial robots and the increase of manufacturing flow capacity
  • Specification of load factors, stress analysis and strength analysis
  • Design
    a fully-composite manipulation gib for a robot
  • Technological solution
    the non-atmospheric production of a full-carbon manipulation gib
  • Concept
    monolithic single body (2 m x 1.4 m) with identical gripping parameters as original metal gib, possible exchange of large numbers of gibs in existing production processes
  • Construction design
    prepared in a 3D CAD system
  • Design consultation with client
  • Preparation of cast and preparation of technological base
  • Proprietary composite production
  • Dimensional, mechanical and NDT control
  • Tests
    functionality, minimal change in geometrical parameters under maximum operating load (require for so-called "zero elasticity")
  • · Analysis of tests, benefit analysis
    manipulation gib weight reduction from 65 kg to 15 kg, extreme reduction in inertial force, significant increase in manipulation speed, reduction in robot load, improved robot life cycle, reduction in energy consumption
  • Design changes
  • Serial production
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