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Helicopter rotor blade suspension
Monolithic laminated body based on glass moulds and epoxide binding material. Manufactured using a non-atmospheric production process. Heat stability up to 120°C. Suspension tenacity of 400,000 N.
Wind tunnel honeycomb rectifier
Manufactured from aluminium honeycomb, cell 4 mm, diameter 1550 mm in one piece.
Composite nose part of Zlin Z 400
non-atmospheric process, carbon and hybride matrix, nomex honeycomb
Chain conveyor part
non-atmospheric process, carbon
composite roof for futuristic house
design & technology
small utility vehicle alf
design & technology
Electric generator rotor
glass 7 carbon, 76 000 rpm
Rotorhead, Cowlings, Manipulation gib & Others
  • Documentation & calculations for CH-7 Kompress, ultralight helicopter type certification
  • High speed heliplane design
  • Full composite roof for futuristic house design & technology
  • Small utility vehicle ALF design & technology (improvement of Magma vehicle)
  • Composite cowlings for LD-1 ultralight plane
  • Negative moulds for canopy production
  • Transportation plane AN-26 interier conversion design
  • Composite nose part and air intakes of Z 400 airplane
  • Wind tunnel honeycomb rectifier
  • Rotor blades for twin-turboshaft-engine helicopter NA 40 Bongo
    (9 x 10m fatigue cycles)
  • Rotor head
  • Helicopter rotor blade suspension
    (suspension tenacity of 400,000 N)
  • Series of fully-composite forms for high-temperature pressurized casting of laminar forms for medical use
  • Repair of damaged turbo-shaft helicopter Ecureil 2
  • Total overhaul of crashed fully-composite ultra-light aircraft
  • Repair of composite parts of passenger aircraft
  • Manipulation gib for production robots in the automobile industry
Doprava, spedice, logistika
GRM Systems
PBS Velká Bíteš
PeckaDesign, s.r.o.