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Metal honeycomb
Produced in a non-atmospheric process. Aluminium honeycomb with double-sided dural sheet metal coating.
Combination of various honeycombs on a metal base
Produced in a non-atmospheric process. Nomex and aluminium honeycomb combination with different cell sizes glued on a dural sheet metal.
Composite shell sample based on carbon matrix and epoxide binding material
Heat stability up to 120°C.
Glass, Carbon & Honeycombs
  • Atmospheric production processes
  • Non-atmospheric production processes
    • Vacuum furnace
      • length 3900 mm
      • profile 1900 mm x 1900 mm
      • maximum temperature 180°C
      • max. vacuum pressure in molds 0,33 mbar
    • Autoclave
      • diameter 2338 mm
      • length 7000 mm
      • volume 22 m3
      • maximum temperature 200°C
      • maximum overpressure 1 MPa
      • working overpressure 0,7 MPa
      • maximum vacuum pressure 80 kPa
    • Mobile Repairing Vacuum Unit
      • maximum repairing area 1,5 m2
      • available vacuum pressure 0,5 mbar
      • maximum temperature 80°C
  • Production with various composite materials:
    • Glass, carbon, kevlar and hybrid matrix
    • Monocoque and honeycomb concepts
    • Monodirectional and multidirectional matrix layer
    • Laminated monodirectional and multidirectional monoblocks
    • Non-metal, metal and polyamid honeycombs
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