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Composites, twin engine & NOTAR
About Project

NA 542 is the last member of BONGO® helicopter family. It is is a fully composite, twin enginet, single rotor helicopter without tail rotor certified in the Normal category according to the FAR 27, 33, 34, 36 regulations. Even the standard configuration helicopter has VFR flight capability and is capable of take-off and landing with one engine inoperative.

Helicopter is powered by two rotary piston engines (Wankel type). Two turboshaft engines could me mounted as an alternative.

The overall concept reflects the latest helicopter technology. The utilisation of modern physics and aerodynamics has made it possible to compensate for the torque momentum of the main rotor without the need for a traditional tail rotor or fenestrone.

Cabin is designed for 1+4 passenger configuration but Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) version can accomodate pilot, doctor and one patient.


COCOMO, proprietary patented system for the complete compensation for this momentum has been used in case of the NA 542 helicopter. From the manufacturing point of view, this has resulted in a significant reduction in the compexity of mechanical transmission and reduction gear boxes. This also eliminates interference problems arising from the typical combination of two rotors and decreases the noise level, both on the ground and during flight. The low noise level was achieved by the elimination of the main source of high frequency noise of the tail rotor. Used materials and manufacturing technologies will assure maximum overall safety of the crew despite the low mass of the helicopter and beacause of its high utilization.

NA 542 is in a project stage right now. We are looking for investors who would help us to fund the Protoype manufacturing & flight tests.

If you are interested in helicopter project investment, contact us at nadc@nadc.cz for more details.


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