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COCOMO patents & another use

The solution for the hovering body according to the invention can be used for steering, control and stabilization of any hovering bodies which move in a liquid or gas e.g. ships, submarines, aeroplanes or helicopters. The whole patent cover 8 patent claims.

Czech Patent No. 289229

EU patent issued 12/2005
covers ITL, FR, GER, a GB

US patent issued 03/2005

More details avaliable on
European patent Office web HERE


Possible use:

  • Aerodynamics - helicopters, airplanes, rockets moving in atmosphere
  • Hydrodynamics - ships, yachts, submarines and torpedoes

Patent application brings:

  • lowering weight of vehicles moving in gas or liquid environment
  • design simplifying
  • speed and efficiency improving for directional and position control
CZ patent


EU patent   US patent


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