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Aerodynamics & tests flights
The demanding development of the Bongo® helicopters started 1992 as a purely private project of Mr.J.Namisnak the helicopter designer. He decided to set criteria for a new design which would fill the gap in the light helicopter market. Since the outset of the development it was quite obvious that in order to suceed, the latest knowledge in the field of aerodynamics, materials, technologies, operational safety and rehability must be applied. Relevant model tests were successfully completed in 1993 and this was followed shortly by technological preparations and manufacturing of the first fully functional Technology Demonstrator.

After a series of ground tests the Technology Demonstrator started tethered hover testing in March 1998 has accumulated 70 hours of operation performing stabilised tethered hover flights with up to 45 minutes duration.


. By then it was quite clear that to achieve a full civil and military certification followed by a serial production a direct assistance from an experienced manufacturer will be needed. In the same time it was clear that a review of the project organisation and development strategy is necessary. The experiences gained during Technology Demonstrator flights led to new, improved design of NA 40 helicopter.

Customers demand for higher payload and higher number of pasengers led to development of 4 seater NA 50 helicopter. Improved power units led to new rotor design and to the last member of the Bongo helicopter family - 5 seater NA 542 with 4 bladed rotor system, which can be used for Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) as well.



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